Monday, July 18, 2011

Ladybug Tattoos, Flora and Other Fauna

Among the more popular tattoos are those that feature various flora and fauna. Whether the life in question be creeping vines, flowers, birds, predators or insects, tattoos which draw their inspiration from the natural world have always been popular with individuals from many walks of life. Such tattoos are a great way to express one's self, rather constituting an instance of adopting a totem animal whose likeness is represented on one's own flesh. One should choose an animal or plant that says something about them or with which, for some particular reason, one feels a significant kinship.

Insects have become particularly popular in recent years. It's not too hard to understand why. Among nature's creatures, insects have some of the most dramatic body shapes and colorings and, of course, for those who like a tattoo that's a bit intimidating, there are few things more suited to the task then a spider. Lady bug tattoos are very popular with those who want something a bit more gentle, colorful and downright cute. Of course, butterflies are a perennial favorite, as are dragonflies and other examples of the more beautiful members of the insect kingdom.

Where flora is concerned, there are probably no plants more popular than the various types of creeping vines seen tattooed on so many individuals. These plants lend themselves very well to be being used as borders and tie-in material between separate tattoos and, oftentimes, make very beautiful tattoos in and of themselves. Roses, of course, are still very popular, being a symbol of enduring love and tend to be particular favorites of women. A fair amount of tribal artwork resembles vines, as well, having long, undulating lines and, in many instances, the appearance of thorns as part of the overall design.

Animal tattoos, of course, will always be popular. In fact, since tattooing began animal motifs have been both aesthetically and spiritually valued. Many animal tattoos come from the emblems of various military regiments and these are among the best-known tattoos in the world. The eagle in profile worn on the arms of many paratroopers and the various animals-particularly tigers-seen on the arms of many older sailors are classic tattoos. Unless one did serve in a specific military division, it's generally advisable to avoid artwork which resembles the patches and emblems associated with the more well-known troops.

Many animal tattoos are chosen for the personal meaning the animal has to the bearer of the tattoo. Oftentimes, these are among the most beautiful tattoos around. Especially with the advances in how tattoos are applied, the lines and shading can be photorealistic, causing a much more striking effect than did the rather cartoonish techniques of the past. While tattoos are oftentimes associated with fairly bold and attention-getting creative designs, sometimes the most striking tattoo one can have is one that is taken directly from nature and used as a means to express the wearer's connection to the world around them through their body art.

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