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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Chinese dragon tattoos and meanings
By Graeme Wheeler

It is believed that a mythical creature developed appearance of the totem poles from many different tribes in China. It also merged the tribes, the different features of the dragon took the emergence of the figure. Chinese dragon is believed to have evolved over time to integrate the features of 9 animals to become a mythical creature it is today. These features include:

• Horns of a deer.

• Chairman of the sentences

Eye • the devil

• neck of a snake

• Stomach of clams

• the balance of fish, sea bream

• from the claws of eagle

• tiger slippers.

Ears • cow

The combination of these features together and you have the Chinese dragon, a very popular tattoo design through the ages until now and forever.

It is common to many Middle Eastern images of the Chinese dragon to show the pearl or thunder the ball under the chin - and represents good luck and wisdom. Some pictures also show the Chinese dragon with wings of bats, although the Dragons are able to fly without wings.

Chinese dragon tattoo meanings

Chinese dragon tattoo dates back to centuries, which adds to its appeal and mystic. It is a symbol of mystery, strength, wisdom and good faith. This is the dragon good luck and significantly associated with a number nine, and there are nine sections of the dragon. The qualities and loyalty to the courage and strength.

Chinese dragon is a mythical creature of God, which is still evil spirits. They have a strong relationship with the authorities in China. And declare itself a Chinese "Long De Chuan Ren" or the descendants of the dragon because when the first Emperor Huang Di died, (which was considered by the Chinese, ancestor), legend has it turned into a dragon and a rose into the sky. This leads to the Chinese dragon to become a symbol of power and imperial power. Five fingers the Chinese dragon was reserved for the emperor alone. That the peasants would wear these symbols to be put to death.

These creatures have 117 tables, 81 of these tables Yang (positive) and 36 of Yin (negative), and the dragon is a creature Yang.

Legend says that the dragon originated in China and spread throughout the region, and get as far as Japan. The Chinese Dragon and five fingers, and Korean dragon has four fingers, and as you get further away, such as Japan, and the dragon and three toes. It was not possible for dragons to go beyond Japan and lose any fingers more than that.

Chinese dragon is believed to have the power to control the water, such as seas, rivers, waterfalls and the like. Water flows associated with the rise of a dragon. When he spoke of droughts or floods, it was common to have the sacrifices made by the dragon to placate them. Legend has it that the dragon has the ability to drag and drop burst of rain. If they are angry, they can cause flooding.

Beauty of design, coupled with a stunning red, black and green colors make the Chinese dragon tattoo design are very popular.

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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Art

Dragon Tattoo Art - Finding the printable forms for Dragon Tattoos
By Peter Naughty

Dragon tattoo art was one of the most sought after designs, especially among lovers mutual male. Creature, in spite of the mythical non-existent has strong symbolism attached to it, not to mention the technical challenge when she signed on the body of one.

Dragon tattoos can represent two different meanings depending on how you are portrayed. In the West, and that it is an object of evil and mean winged fire breathing and guards caves with gold and jewelry. Those who want to get the treasures that slaying the dragon first. In this case, dragon tattoos can mean fear, strength, courage and strength of will.

Other symbolic of dragon tattoo art is good luck and wealth and wisdom and how they appear to be in the east. In China, the main code during the celebration of Chinese New Year is also believed that they achieve prosperity and good and good faith. The tattoo design can mean the intelligence, protection, balance and harmony.

Dragon tattoos are very adaptable and flexible body art looks great and the large areas of the body such as the arm and rib cage, chest, back and shoulder. It could be the last one took place in such colors as red and green while others opt for a plain black ink in contact with some of the tribes. Can be portrayed as a monster frightening or similar, charming and kind, and even the small and innocent. It all depends on the type of message the person you want to portray sports tattoos.

When it comes to resources necessary for the design dragon tattoo art, is always better to do your research first before buying one. Read the reviews on the Internet for membership tattoo gallery which are being promoted and see which one suits your needs.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese Dragon Tattoo - What does it mean?
By Marie Wilson

Dragon tattoos are the most popular mythical creature called for in tattoo shops. People find themselves intrigued with their power, grace and spirituality. History and traditions of the Dragon is steeped in almost every culture throughout the world. This makes them interesting to note that almost anyone regardless of whether they were or were not even consider a tattoo. Dragon temptation is especially true for the Chinese dragon tattoo. People simply can not tear their eyes away from it.

While the Dragon is shown in the tales of blood are often harsh and hungry for the fire breathing monsters, and the Chinese dragon symbolizes just the opposite. Affectionately called descendants of the Chinese people the dragon because the dragon is a smart, kind and full of good intentions. She was said to bring rain much needed. This is the snake-like dragon and often do not have wings. They also have five claws. The Chinese Dragon in a very specific design. To have 117 tables, 81 are positive (Yang) while 36 are negative (Ying).

There are more than 100 dragon named old. Choose one of the Chinese dragon tattoo will require a lot of research and a lot of patience. It's worth the effort to have the authentic tattoo that speaks personally to those who you are. Here are just a few examples for consideration to you. Jiaolong hornless dragon that is said to be the leader of all aquatic animals. Tianlong heavenly dragon said to guard the sky. Shenlong is the god of thunder, which control the weather and Longwang is the divine ruler of the sea four. There are many more - this is not only a taste!

There are also five dragons colored classified as kings. White Dragon pure utopia. The Black Dragon lurks the mystic in deep water, and the dragon fruit to give the Vermillion lakes, the Azure Dragon is the most compassionate of all the Yellow Dragon kindness listen to any appeals.

These kings are only some sub-categories falling into the Chinese dragon. Chinese dragon tattoo can be literally one of hundreds of historically portrayed.

Whatever the Chinese dragon tattoo you choose, please make sure it is done correctly, and good taste. It is taboo in Chinese culture to distort the dragon. It is seen as very disrespectful. In an attempt to be faithful to this entire process, and ensure that your tattoo artist has a good knowledge on this particular subject. Chinese dragon is a symbol of power and strength. It is revered and distortion is no doubt that it will reach the soft spot.

Dragon are some of the most beautiful creatures and mythical monarchy that was created than ever before. It is mysterious and compelling. These properties make them exceptional for tattoos. A Chinese dragon tattoo will become a piece of the conversation. If you do your research, you should be able to wow anyone with your knowledge on this subject. Will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of thought and preparation which was put into your tattoo. It will become more than just a masterpiece. Will become a statement about you and what you are.

Chinese Dragon Tatoo

About Chinese Dragon Tattoo - What Most People Don't Know But Should
By Fanyun Ding

Chinese dragon is a mythical divine beast originated from ancient Chinese folklores. It is now commonly depicted as a huge, serpentine, and scaled creature. Unlike "western dragon" that has been described as evil, Chinese dragon has long been symbolized as the power of auspice both in folklore and art. Created on the land of an agriculture-oriented country, Chinese dragon is believed to bring rain and water, which well explains the position it takes in Chinese culture.

For centuries, Chinese people proudly refer to themselves as "Long De Chuan Ren", or "Descendants of the Dragon". This ethnic identity is believed to originate from Huang Di, a benevolent, legendary emperor who was said to have been immortalized into a dragon. Since Huang Di is considered to be the ancestor of Chinese, hence the saying "Descendants of the Dragon".

Due to that Huang Di myth, Chinese dragon is also symbolized as an imperial power. For dynasties, emperors were referred to as "Long Zi" or "offspring of the dragon", who wore imperial robes with dragons drawn on and claimed to have a dragon birthmark as a divine authorization by heaven.

Chinese dragon is also among the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, a special Chinese way of designating years. To be more specific, year 2000,1988,1976,1964,1952 or any year with a 12-year gap between would be year of the dragon. In order to be "like a dragon", there are more babies born in the years of dragon than in any other animal years of the Chinese Zodiac.

Given all the foresaid reasons, it is not hard to understand why Chinese dragon is so popular among tattoo lovers. In fact, if you happen to be born in those dragon years, it's much recommended that you get a dragon tattoo because you are born blessed to be connected with Chinese dragon.

Basically, Chinese dragon is being tattooed in two forms: picture and character. Some prefer to have their whole back area tattooed with a vivid picture of dragon, while others may be satisfied with the Chinese character of "dragon" tattooed within a one-inch square of area. For dragon picture tattoos, a careful selection of the picture as well as the tattoo artist would be enough to ensure a quality dragon tattoo. For dragon character tattoos, however, it takes efforts to find a great tattoo idea, since you have to take many factors into consideration, including the literal meaning, the "actual" meaning, and the "cultural meaning" of the word that you select. Well, that's just the tricky thing of Chinese.

Fortunately, there are many Chinese phrases that associate with the idea of Chinese dragon. Followings are three dragon-related Chinese idioms for your reference.

Shen Long Ma Zhuang/ Long Shen Ma Zhuang

Strong and energetic with an impressive bearing.

Both Shen Long Ma Zhuang and Long Shen Ma Zhuang are legitimate as an idiom, as in many cases Chinese characters can be reversed in words yet remain a similar meaning, just like this one.

Literally speaking, Shen means "magical, with divine power", Long means "dragon", Ma means "horse" and Zhuang means "strong". In Chinese culture, horse is considered intelligent, powerful and friendly to human, which therefore is used together with dragon in this idiom to describe the state of being strong and energetic.

What's worth noting, however, is that Long usually appears before Hu in expression, and it would seem weird when reversed. That being said, it would be a great idea to add Hu to your tattoo if your former choice was to ink Long alone, yet the right way to do this would be to ink "Long Hu", not "Hu Long".

Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Do Dragon Tattoos Fly in Your Celtic Heritage?
By Dan Thompson

If you're looking for a tattoo design that breathes fire, while depicting mystical strength and benevolence, the ancient dragon tattoo is the one for you. Dragons have been capturing the minds and hearts of people for centuries and still are, if the current popularity of dragon tattoos are any indicator of that continuing fascination.

The myths and legends around this flying creature can be found in many fairy tales and are part of the folklore of most ancient cultures. Usually, dragons are thought of as belonging to Asia, but the are part of the beliefs and mythology of cultures all over the world.

Dragons in Eastern cultures are associated with good luck, kindness, fertility and are considered protectors of the villages they fly over. The Western dragon is not so benevolent and is most often depicted as an evil destroyer of villages and a fire-snorting guardian of chests full of treasure hidden in deep caves on a mountaintop.

One of the more spiritual legends about dragons and their powers comes from the beliefs and superstitions of the ancient Celtic chiefs of Ireland. In their beliefs, dragons were symbols of power held by the Celtic tribal ruler. The title, "Pendragon," is the Celtic word for "Chief."

Though the Celts were one of the fiercest groups populating Europe in ancient times, they were spiritual in their relationship with the land around them. That spirituality carried over to Celtic dragons who were believed to influence the land and sites identified as dragon haunts were believed to possess special powers.

The ancient Druids, the priests of the ancient Celtic societies, thought the Earth resembled the body of a dragon, and that dragons were our spiritual connection with Earth's magnetism and healing waters. Some historians say they built their sacred stone circles where they believed the power nodes of the dragon's body existed.

The term "dragon" comes from the Greek word that translates to "to see clearly," which indicates the benevolent nature the Celts believed their dragons possessed, the gift of vision, wisdom and the ability to prophesize.

If you decide to decorate your body with a dragon tattoo, and your ancestry is Irish, stemming from the ancient Celtic tribes, you would be continuing the myths that survived a thousand years of wonderment and the magical powers of dragons. If you select the circular Celtic dragon swallowing its tail, your tattoo would symbolize eternal life.

Tattoo artists the world over are famous for beautiful dragon tattoos of all sizes and colors. Whether your choice of a dragon tattoo is one of the fire-snorting creatures that caste fear on the villagers or one that protected the land and promised eternal life, your body art is sure to be admired by all who see it.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs

How many tattoos - Dragon, Tribal, Celtic, and Japanese Tattoos on your arms

By George Christodoulou

How many tattoos have become very popular in the past few years because it is a great way to tell a story or create a work or living art and expression. With different images that work together, and a person can raise a lot of emotions at the same time.

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon symbol of the wild fire and excitement. Entwined dragon tattoo how you can add color and red glow. Fire breathing dragon, flying over the arm can add real value to its amazing effect on any tattoo.

Tribal Tattoo

Such symbols with many meanings should be placed in the chest and shoulder to create a design worthy of this pattern. You can create an image only with this type of tattoo ink in a plain black. If you use colors on your arm and keep the black tribal tattoo you can create an amazing contrast.

Celtic Tattoos

In addition to Celtic symbols tattoo sleeves and adds a splash of culture to any part of the work. Who is the group of various symbols that you can use to transfer the meaning that you want.

Japanese Tattoo

Japanese symbols are a nice way to say many things at the same time. It is a symbol and one can express the meaning of peace on earth, or love for all. This is a good way to keep things simple to the eye but leave the mind to think about what you see.

Creating this kind of technical work takes time and effort. Many people at the tattoo quantity over many years, adding additional designs and symbols to think about it.

For this reason, you need to make sure everything is exactly as the picture in your mind. There is one design done in a way you do not like the thing can be destroyed completely, and leave you in regret.

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Cartoon Dragon Tattoos

Is there in the history of dragon tattoo
Cape Goldhammer

Some people because in their view, have a dragon tattoo image on the body as a symbol of fierce power. The cultures of many of the Dragons in folklore and pictures of the Dragon have been popular with artists for several centuries. It is not surprising that the dragon tattoo picture and appear in every tattoo shop catalog of styles and artistic designs. Image has always been popular and many of the artists created a difference endless on this subject in their work.

Dragon is a mythical creature that is visible in the ancient manuscripts and many of the paintings in a large number of countries. Almost always be seen as a fierce and magical creature that seems to be always attacking villages and to protect the treasures of the great treasures. Dragon images are very popular with people wanting to be a unique kind of design because many of the artists have a special design when it comes to tattoo dragon. This means that every tattoo artist will have a different attitude about what dragon tattoo should look like, which also means that anyone can have a unique design.

There are many types of tattoos including a dragon, although some are made for more young people or female. Could include depictions of these cartoons dragon or a nice little pictures with a smile, or kiss the dragon. This probably will not be so good for a man who may want to obtain a dragon tattooed on his body. Men who wish to dragon tattoo is probably more likely to prefer to portray a fierce and frightening of the dragon - is likely to be fire-breathing variety.

Some groups have adopted the dragon as a symbol of unity and power. These groups can include street gangs, or groups of grandmothers who value image of the dragon as a sign of wisdom and strength. Exactly the same dragon image may mean different things to different people a lot. This is why the picture could have been for many centuries.

Because everyone has a different idea of what a dragon is supposed to look like, and there are many ways large and different types of dragon. Dragon tattoo if you have created in the shop for a tattoo does not look like any other person believed a dragon should look like that does not mean it is not a dragon design to you. Whatever you think is the design of the dragon is the dragon design - you.

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Body Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoo Art - Finding Printable Designs For Your Dragon Tattoos
By Peter Brat

Dragon tattoo art has been one of the most sought after designs especially among male tat enthusiasts. The creature, although mythical and non-existent has strong symbolism attached to it, not to mention the artistic appeal it has when inked on one's body.

Dragon tattoos can represent two different meanings depending on how they are portrayed. In the West, they are regarded as an evil and mean winged creature who breathes fire and guards caves with golds and jewels. Those who want to get these treasures have to slay the dragon first. In this case, dragon tattoos can mean fearless, power, courage and strong will.

The other symbolism of dragon tattoo art is good luck, fortune and wisdom as how they are look upon in the East. In China, they are the main symbol during the celebration of Chinese New Year as they are believed to bring prosperity, benevolence and good will. As a tattoo design, they can mean intelligence, protection, balance and harmony.

Dragon tattoo designs are very adaptable and flexible body art and looks great on large areas of the body such as the arm, rib cage, chest, back and shoulder blade. They can be seen inked in colors such as red and green while others opt for the plain black ink with some tribal touch. They can be portrayed as terrifying or monster-like, charming and kind and even small and innocent. It all depends on what kind of message the person sporting the tattoo wants to portray.

Black Dragon Tattoos

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos - Where to Find the Best Tribal Designs
By Tatum Tyler

Black tribal dragon tattoos make a bold statement. A dragon tattoo alone can be very forceful. Combine that with tribal influences in black and you have the making of a much talked about tattoo. A black dragon tattoo expresses something entirely different than a colored dragon. Everything can depend on the design that you choose and you can find great designs online. I'll tell you how.

Are you thinking about a large tattoo? Black tribal dragon tattoos will make a great tattoo going down an arm or along the shoulders. Because of the detail of the dragon design and adding the tribal influences, a large tattoo would be good because you would be able to see all the details. How will you decide on the type of tattoo?

An online tattoo gallery is where you need to go. As you're browsing through thousands of designs you can get some idea of where you want to place the tattoo as well as the type of designs you want to incorporate. This is your tattoo on your body. Use your imagination and come up with a unique tattoo design. The best thing to do is to print out several designs that you like and put the best pieces together like a puzzle and come up with your unique tattoo.

Take your time. Don't rush with something as important as a tattoo that will be with you for life. Black tribal dragon tattoos are a good choice. Find a design that will make a statement. Use an online gallery to design your own tattoo and show some of your personality through the tattoo.

Choosing a tattoo can be a hard decision. It will be with you for life so you want it to be unique and imaginative. Stop wasting time looking at website after website. Find great black tribal dragon tattoos by looking through thousands of the best tattoo designs all in one place.

Back Dragon Tattoos

Back of Neck Tattoos - Easily Find the Big, High Quality Galleries

You won't have to weed through a bunch of generic back of neck tattoos any more. I know that you're tired of staring at 100's of pages of cookie cutter design choices and I would, too, because that awful artwork is hideous to look at. If you allow yourself to make one very minor change to how you look for back of neck tattoos, you can open up a brand new door to fresh, very high quality artwork galleries.

This is a must for most people, because human nature is to settle for what you see the most of. If you're looking at tons of generic designs, there's a fairly strong chance that you'll end up getting tattooed with something just as generic. The bad part about this is that 99% of all people regret putting that kind of tattoo art on themselves in a couple of months. By that time, it's too late, though. So, why does everybody get locked into such horrible collections of back of neck tattoos? Well, this is very simple to spot. It's because everybody keeps attempting to find artwork galleries by using search engines.

This is a big no-no, because you have a very slim chance of locating any of the better and higher quality artwork sites in their lists. It's almost like they've all mysteriously disappeared, never to be shown again. All search engines do is throw some random list of every generic laced gallery out there right now. You don't want to waste hours and hours scanning those worthless back of neck tattoos, so let me share a sneaky trick for getting directly to the better artwork: Use big forums to your advantage.

It might seem like something small, but it'll make a huge difference in the originality and quality of the artwork you get to pick from and surf through. Big forums have enormous archive sections, which are usually filled to the top with past topics about tattoo art. Just hop inside of a couple big topics and have some fun skimming them, because you won't believe how many names and links to superb galleries have been shared by other tattoo enthusiasts. It's your one stop source for directions to collections of back of neck tattoos that are far superior to the generic junk out there right now. It's just makes sense.

Aztec Dragon Tattoos

Aztec Tattoo Design - Locating Superb Artwork Online
By Adam Woodham

I bet that you can spend a goof fifteen minutes looking for an Aztec tattoo design and come up with a bunch of them. That's not the issue most men and women are having. The problem is that they are finding nothing but bland, generic images that have no right being used as real tattoos. This happens a lot for most people who use search-engines, too. Here are simple tips to help you actually find the truly superb artwork out there.

I don't want to come across like I am telling you that you should never use a search-engine again. They are actually the best tools out there for fining just about anything in a heart beat. They just aren't very good at showing you where the galleries are that will have a fantastic Aztec tattoo design, though. As a matter of fact, they aren't good for finding any kind of tattoos.

All that seems to pull up are the low end, generic galleries that have nothing but old cookie cutter type of Aztec tattoo design for you to look at. If you like cookie cutter designs that are probably tattooed on a hundred different people already, then this might be right up your alley. The reason they are probably tattooed on a hundred other people is because the same image you see at one gallery you find on a search engines is going to be on fifty other websites already. They all just gather up the same artwork as the next place and plaster them on their pages. That's not the kind of Aztec tattoo design you want to settle for.

Ok, enough of that. Let's see how you can find a truly superb Aztec tattoo design with ease...

There is no need to go out and reinvent the wheel and you don't need to go into any dark corners of the internet to find a good Aztec tattoo design. Everything you could possibly want (links!) are located in internet forums. Tattoos are a huge subject in most forums on the web. This is the exact reason they are such a great tool for finding the great galleries of tattoos. People post all of the links that they have found to the various hidden galleries out there.

Nine times out of ten, they will be far superior to anything you locate on the first page of search results. These are the galleries that tend to have the perfect Aztec tattoo design that hasn't been posted all over the internet and back. It's an efficient and easy way to find so much of the quality artwork that you've been missing out on.